For us living in a warm climate like Malaysia, we are sitting in air-conditioned air all day with the cool air blasting directly at us. From our cars, to our homes, offices and at the malls, the air conditioning is usually on at high. While it may feel great on a scorching hot day, it also causes our skin to dry out.


This is why choosing an air conditioner that cools your room while retaining moisture in the air is key to helping keep our skin feel comfortable and stay hydrated.

Air Conditioners and Skin Moisture

Which is why, Panasonic brings you the latest in air conditioning – the revolutionary SKY Series that introduces a new cooling method called, Radiant Cooling. This cooling method uses the SKYWING to direct airflow up towards the ceiling, spreading through the ceiling and walls to lower the room temperature gently & evenly. This minimises moisture loss and lets us stay cool and comfortable, without drying our skin!


Why is Radiant Cooling better?

By directing cool air towards the ceiling and walls, all the heat that’s trapped is removed as cool air flows along the surfaces. This helps you stay cool without needing to have the airflow blowing on your skin, drying it out. You will experience enhanced sleep quality and wake up every morning without your skin feeling dry, tight and itchy. This indirect way of cooling is also healthy for babies to keep them sleeping soundly and comfortably throughout the night.

Urban Pollution

Besides unwanted dry skin, airborne particles as small as PM2.5 can affect our overall health too! These particles are usually from unhealthy man-made sources like chemical processing and fuel combustion.


Panasonic’s advanced air purification system, the nanoe-G in the SKY Series is now enhanced with the Dust Sensor to constantly monitor particle concentration in your room. When necessary, the Dust Sensor will automatically activates nanoe-G, releasing about 3 trillion fine particles to purify the air of bacteria, viruses, mould, and PM2.5 through an in-filter deactivation system. Thus, keeping your environment fresh and clean for a healthier you!!☺

As our living conditions evolve, our appliances need to keep up with changing lifestyle demands too. That’s why at Panasonic, we are constantly finding new ways to improve your life and address evolving lifestyle needs while maintaining your comfort, health, and beauty. The new SKY Series is set to revolutionise air conditioners and their relationship with you. Experience it at your nearest dealer today!