Remember the good old days of playing badminton with your house gate as a makeshift net?


As Malaysians, we often pride ourselves in our national badminton team, especially as it holds such a strong place in every Malaysians’ heart. The unity experienced by the people while cheering for our national team during the Rio Olympics can be felt throughout the country. Once all the major sporting events are over, many of us continue to feel the spirit of the game and flocked indoor badminton courts in attempts to sharpen our skills.

Panasonic Malaysia is also an avid badminton supporter and has been a proud sponsor of the Badminton Club of Kepong (Kepong BC). We sincerely believe that these young rising stars will eventually grow up to represent our country and carry on the Malaysian legacy of excellence in badminton.


During the Kepong Badminton Club training sessions, our team at Panasonic can also be seen setting up a stand to help our young athletes rehydrate with a healthy smoothie. As the badminton courts are humid and the sport is so dynamic, players can easily become dehydrated without even realising it.

So, whether you are getting involved by shouting at your TV screen or playing a sweaty game of badminton, make sure you replenish with a healthy rehydrating juice for an added boost of nutrients and vitamins. High water content fruits like watermelons and pineapples are delicious and extremely refreshing, while fruits like banana and berries are great for a quicker recovery.


Next time you’re feeling parched, rehydrate with a healthy cup of juice instead, you’ll definitely feel the difference.