Love your wardrobe but hate doing the laundry? Make this chore less painless with our 4 simple tips.

Separate dark, white and coloured
Prepare separate laundry baskets for dark, white and coloured clothing. This way you wouldn’t need to sort through the laundry basket later. Once any of the baskets is full, just load and wash.

Choose a powerful and foamy washer
The key to getting a good clean is in the foam. The finer the foam, the better they clean. So find a washer that produces fine foam combined with powerful aggregation to lift even the most stubborn of dirt.

Bubble of the palm

Opt for a washer dryer
Another painful part of the laundry process is hanging them one by one to dry. It is time-consuming and cumbersome. So… what about a washer that dries your clothes too?


Fold / hang them immediately
Once your washer dryer has washed and dried your clothes, take them out immediately and straighten out all the creases while they are still warm. This way you can cut down on the number of clothes you will need to iron.


With the right appliance, you can cut down your laundry time and spend more time flaunting your beautifully laundered clothes! 🙂