Expecting some guests in less than 20 minutes while your house is still a mess? Here are a few tricks to make your home presentable in 15 minutes or less!


Clear your unfolded clothes.
These are the most unsightly, the most time consuming and often occupy couch space. So gather them up, shove them into your closet and shut the doors. Then you would have cleared an entire couch space! No guests will be snooping around your closet. You can fold them properly later.


Two is better than one.
Too many surfaces to clean? The key is to divide and conquer! Set your robotic vacuum cleaner to work on hard to reach corners while you and your wireless vacuum work on dusty shelves and the general areas. You will be done in a jiffy!


No time to mop the floor? No problem!
These fun indoor slippers that double up as a floor mop are your best buddies. You and your friends will have a good old laugh about it while you catch up over a cuppa. It is also a smart way to get more help with your house chores! Cheeky, we know.



Distraction is your best ally
If all else fails, switch on your TV and distract them with a movie or perhaps a rerun of Big Bang’s concert. They will be so engrossed, they wouldn’t even notice the mess around them.

So, the next time your guests turn up unannounced there’s no need to stress!