When was the last time you played a game of Monopoly? Board games make the perfect boredom buster for family weekends at home. They are also a great way to bond and interact together without the distractions of electronic devices. You will be surprised at what you might learn about each other too. 🙂


Try New Recipes with The Kids.


It’s always fun to test out new recipes with the kids. You’ll have some extra handy hands and a wholesome homemade meal to enjoy. From breakfast till dinner, the Panasonic CUBIE will help you create amazing dishes with just a tap of a button. Whether it is frying a whole fish or baking a 10-inch pizza, your kids can play chef without a hitch. So quick and easy, your kids will be taking over the kitchen in no time.


Get Down to Their Level


Huddling together on the floor over an activity together can encourage great conversations while developing lasting bonds. So bring out the storybooks and colouring books for a fun afternoon filled with imaginary stories, you will be surprised at the amazing stories your child dreams up.

Good times with the family doesn’t always mean having to go out or spending a lot of money, it just takes a little more effort and simple creativity. These precious moments spent together now will serve as great memories for the future. 🙂