Living in the 21st century, stress runs our lives. It is beyond vital to know how to refresh our minds and bodies quickly and effectively. Here we have a few easy and quick ways to effectively rejuvenate yourself.

Stretch it out


The easiest way to get rid of all the stress knots in your body is to stretch it out. This gets your blood flowing to every inch of your body, improving blood circulation. So turn on your air purifier, take a few deep breaths, fill every bit of your lungs with clean air and exhale out all your stress.

Massage pressure points


You don’t have to drive to a massage parlour and pay for a masseuse, all you need is just a tennis ball. By rolling the tennis ball on your back, hamstring and behind your knees, you will be surprised how light and relax your body will feel immediately.

Give yourself an eye massage


Speaking of massage, nothing relaxes you more than a soothing eye massage. Just close your eyes for a few minutes, put on the Panasonic eye massager that warms and relaxes the eye area to relieve dryness and tension.

Enjoy some quiet ‘me time’


Spending time alone is a great way to rejuvenate. Sit down with your favourite book or ponder about the week could put you in a peaceful state of mind. With everything in a better perspective, you will just feel your stress lifting off your shoulders.

Now, just put your feet up and relax! 🙂