Ideally, every breakfast should be healthy and yummy. But with mornings always being a rush, what can you do? Here, we show you how to prepare a scrumptious breakfast in just 15 minutes.


Minute 1 – 3
Make the perfect brew and pop 2 slices of bread into the oven toaster.


Minute 3 – 8
While everything is cooking, whip up some eggs, slice tomatoes and wash a handful of spinach to prepare a healthy Egg Breakfast Muffin.


Minute 9 – 15
Once the toast is done, place your Egg Breakfast Muffins into the oven toaster for 5 minutes on high heat. Once the oven toaster chimes, your scrumptious breakfast of freshly brewed coffee, crusty toasts and a protein-packed Egg Breakfast Muffin is ready! All you need is 15 minutes and some handy kitchen helpers. Try it at home; your family will be impressed.