With electronics continually taking over the lives of both children and adults alike, these devices become so individually consuming, often creating a detachment between a parent and child. Yet, it is during childhood that the strongest of bonds are formed.

So, why not make a little effort to go back in time and bond over the simpler things in life? Here are 4 fun alternatives to try.

1. Make Believe with Battery Operated Toys
A child’s limitless imagination is often one of their best assets. Cultivate it and you’ll find just how much joy it can bring. Try spending a little time together playing make-believe with all sorts of fun yet simple toys. Fix up the tracks for a toy train and pretend you are travelling to different places. Listen to where your child’s imagination takes you; it could be a faraway, wonderful land. 🙂


2. A Scrapbook of Polaroid Memories
While digital cameras are a lot of fun, there’s just nothing quite like watching a snap come instantly to life. Whether it’s playing a little game of dress up or snapping away at a birthday party, these treasured memories are bound to last you a lifetime. In fact, you don’t even need a special occasion; any moment is a perfect polaroid moment.


3. Indoor Camping
An alternative to camping outdoors, indoor camping can be fun and cosy too. It’s also incredibly economical and easy to do. Just set up a living room tent, or make a fort with some pillows and a blanket. At night, switch off all the lights and huddle together while sharing stories over the illumination of nothing but a simple incandescent flashlight. You can even add in some hot chocolate and marshmallows to create a more atmospheric scene.


4. Dance Party!
This is one of our absolute favourites and it can be done any time, anywhere! Just whip out a portable radio (yes, these things still exist) and put on your child’s favourite tunes, even it is jumping around to nursery rhymes it is a great way to have a laugh and break a sweat. Anywhere can be your dance floor – in your living room, at an outdoor picnic, or even at the beach. It’s perfect for bonding with children of any age. Plus, it’s a great way for you to relieve stress as well.

Daughter dancing on mothers feet in living room

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised to find out what your children will actually remember best. Take the time to make every day an adventure; even with the most basic of means, all you need is just a little prep to ensure all your necessaries are fully powered.

Eneloop rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 2,100 times. That’s a lot of money and batteries saved. Furthermore, using rechargeable batteries is great to teach your children that caring for the environment is a shared responsibility and we can each make a difference in small little ways. Make the switch to eneloop today!