The year is drawing to a close and while everyone at work begins to unwind into the holiday mood, homes are buzzing with activities as the festive season inches closer. This is the season of tremendous joys with a slew of stressful preparations in tow. While the main part of a festive party takes place in the kitchen, here are 4 things you can do to keep the rest of the house in tip top condition.


Get a cleaning helper


It may be difficult to hire part-time helpers during this time of the year, but you can definitely add a robotic vacuum to your workforce. While you are busying about the kitchen and hanging up decorations, put RULO to work and clean up all the corners you just don’t have time for.


Keep the air clean


During these busy weeks where there is an increased number of people visiting the home, it is vital to have an air purifier working round the clock to help maintain indoor air quality. A smart air purifier is able to monitor the timeline of pollution level and anticipates high pollution hours to prevent it from spreading, leaving you with healthy, clean air throughout.


Let the music flow


Nothing lifts the mood like rocking out to cheery festive tunes. So put on your favourite holiday playlist and send it throughout the house. Even while you have guests around, jovial festive tunes playing in the background is a great way to put everyone in just the celebratory mood.



Create the right ambience


The placement of light sources and ceiling fans is an art form as they are always competing for the prime location on the ceiling. As ceiling fans usually win the battle of occupying the centre of the ceiling, choosing a fan incorporated with LED light will help you get the best of both. Better yet if the light on your ceiling fan is adjustable to suit various moods, it is like hitting the interior ambience lottery!

As we all get in the mood for the festive season, remember to focus on the important moments with your loved ones and leave the rest to these handy Panasonic helpers. Have a great holiday! 🙂