The festive celebration continues as Chinese New Year is only a few weeks away. Hosting a festive gathering can be rather daunting with endless to-do lists, food preparations, decorations and more. While there isn’t exactly a foolproof guide on how to throw a successful gathering, we can at least share a few vital areas to look out for and set you on your way to being a great host this Chinese New Year.

Usher in the auspicious spirit


The key to any Chinese New Year gathering is getting in the prosperous mood. Deck out your home with auspicious decorations such as red packet fishes and bamboo palm trees. Fruits like oranges, pomelos and pineapples are also great to have around for this season as they represent luck and wealth while invoking your home with a fresh citrusy scent. Remember to always have a robotic vacuum like RULO at work to keep your space dust free and clean too.


Entertain with laughter


Depending on who your guests are, you’ll want to have some readily accessible entertainment at hand. It is the perfect time to watch reruns of Steven Chow movies or belt out the latest hit songs over a karaoke session at home. Even some old school fun with a deck of playing cards can bring about plenty of laughter.


Let your food impress

What’s a Chinese New Year gathering without yummy home cooked food? An auspicious Chinese New Year menu should definitely include a steamed whole fish for prosperity and a whole chicken for unity, along with other delicious dishes. An easy way to prepare many dishes efficiently and healthily is with a Steam Convection Oven as it helps you maintain the flavours of all your ingredients while cooking your dishes in an energy and time efficient manner.


But most importantly, ensure that all your ingredients are stored well to maintain their freshness and flavours.


This is when investing in a good fridge is vital. Choose a refrigerator that is equipped with nanoe technology to suppress 99% of invisible bacteria and cause of odour while still being able to retain the maximum freshness and nutrients of all your ingredients. It should also have the ability to lightly freeze food at about -3˚C for ingredients to stay fresh and remain ideal for fast preparations as no defrosting is required.


Stress less and have fun


Running around looking frazzled is not the best look for a good host. Just let your hair down, enjoy your own gathering and catch up with your guests that you probably haven’t met in a while.

By ensuring these 4 tasks are done well, you will be entertaining like a pro this Chinese New Year. May the year of the Rooster bring you and your loved ones plenty of joy, success and happiness. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!