Football is a team sport loved by many, including kids of all ages. It’s a passionate game that doesn’t discriminate yet provides hours of fun and exercise. It helps kids build positive characters and learn to communicate effectively to achieve a shared goal through teamwork.


Whether you are lending a hand by coaching or cheering them on from the sidelines, it is a great way to bond with your children. A day out on the field is a great stress reliever for everyone.

Like all team sports, with all the tumbling and running around you are bound to end up with one muddy, grubby child. We aren’t just talking about mud and dirt, but also that sticky sweat can be quite a challenge to deal with.


But really, this is just a tiny complication in comparison to all the benefits football brings. In fact, with a powerful washer and dryer combo like the Panasonic CUBLE, you won’t even have to worry about grime and dirt at all! The CUBLE uses a powerful and fine ActiveFoam system with 7 jet showers to beat stubborn stains and effectively eliminate dirt without compromising the “health” of your clothes.


The CUBLE also uses a new eco drying system that is both powerful yet gentle at the same time. Using a large-capacity but low temperature airflow system, clothes remain at their best with minimum shrinkage. As the CUBLE eco dryer doesn’t require the use of coolants like conventional dryers, it further helps you save a great deal on energy and water.


Minimalist and sleek, the Panasonic CUBLE really does make laundry simpler than it is. Just chuck all your dirty clothes in and watch as your clothes go from dirty and stale to fresh, dry and clean in a jiffy!

Life is just easier with Panasonic.