There are plenty of ways to get to know a new city while you travel. You can hop onto public transport, hire a cab or join a tour. However, a mode of transport that’s growing in popularity is exploring on bikes.

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Whilst utilising public transportation is an efficient method to get acquainted with the city, you are somewhat constrained to the radius of the bus stop or train station.

If you are seeking to explore and unearth the city’s secret within its streets and alleyways, the reliable 2 wheels of a bicycle is a flexible, eye-opening and fun way to get around without tiring yourself out compared to venturing around on foot.

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Many cities are now providing city bikes that you can rent for a couple of hours with just a credit card. This has been successful and popular in many European cities such as London, Paris and Asian cities like Taipei. All you would require is a credit card and some bike riding skills.

In cities like Taipei, they even have designated cycle track alongside the main road, so cyclists can ride along without the fear of colliding with the bigger boys on the road.

For countries that are yet to be equipped with city bike rentals, you can always rent one from the local bicycle rental shops. This method of transport is not only environmentally friendly; it is also a great way to weave in a workout whilst being on holiday. With the additional calories burnt, you can indulge in more local delights. Sounds like an awesome plan, right? 🙂

So, on your next trip, give touring while cycling a go. You might just discover and see things you otherwise might not.