The joy of a meal especially in Malaysia is accompanied with fluffy rice. However, even with the measuring guide at the side of the rice pot, cooking rice sometimes still goes wrong. Follow these steps and say goodbye to unappetising rice forever!

Step 1: The right amount of water
Knowing how much water to cook your rice in can be a fine art. Ensure your water level is right by using the finger test.

img_2540-copyPlace your finger just above the rice level, the water level should be at the first joint of your finger.

 Step 2: The right kind of heat
Heat is the second most essential element to cooking the perfect fluffy rice. Choose a rice cooker that uses induction heating such as the Panasonic IH Cooker to ensure uniform and consistent heat, making sure every grain of rice is cooked evenly and perfectly.

Step 3: Wait a little
Perhaps you just can’t wait to enjoy your perfectly cooked rice, but it is important to allow rice to stand with the lid open for a few minutes before serving. This will keep grains separated and fluffy. You will also have less rice stuck to the bottom of the pan.


As you can see, the perfect fluffy rice is simple to achieve. Just follow these 3 simple steps and serve up delicious, fluffy rice at every meal.